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As result of some recent poor behaviour on and off the field of play the Jersey Football Referee’s Association (JFRA) met and decided to apply a more zero tolerance approach to misconduct during futures games. More details is listed below.

All Officials, Players, Supporters and Parents of Grouville FC must follow the club’s codes of conduct and “Respect Referees and our Opponents” at all times:-

Statement from JFRA Meeting held on 16/11/15

23 active and non-active referees attended a meeting at Springfield this evening to consider what actions, if any, might be taken following recent high profile incidents at local matches.

The possibility of strike action was raised and ruled out very quickly. Several members wanted to work in teams of three, with a benefit being getting more enjoyment out of games by working as part of a match official group, which would also help match control and potentially reduce the poor incidents we have seen recently where no, or limited, match officials was present.

This action would have resulted in far more games having only club volunteers to officiate, but was not ruled out for future use if necessary.

We are now likely to see match officials lowering tolerance levels including the likes of dissent both onfield and from technical areas and beyond.

Following recent cases of verbal abuse and threatening behaviour towards match officials, referees were reminded that the option of contacting and involving the police was available.

In taking this stance, we are anticipating the full support and backing from the Jersey FA and The Jersey Football Combination to allow the majority of participants to carry on enjoying their football matches with a qualified match official.

The situation will continue to be monitored.

Zero Tolerance.

Football is the ONLY sport that tolerates the constant querying, questioning and cheating that goes on. We can’t control what goes on elsewhere, but we can do so within the little rectangle that we are asked to take charge of…….

Generally, fouls and cautions will look after themselves. We just need to be much stricter on the ‘technical offences’ that now undermine the game…….

Should a player genuinely want to ask ‘What was that given for, please ref?’, we should not have a problem with that.

AnyYellow Card other aspect of querying a decision, ‘That was never a foul!’, sarcastic applause or comment ( you award a goal-kick, but a forward thinks it a corner and says ‘Good save keeper!) is dissent and a caution should follow. I’m sure we could cite numerous other such examples…….

At free-kicks if player(s) want to stand just a few metres away without moving, then caution one or all of them for ‘failing to respect the required distance’.

If for whatever reason a player deliberately kicks the ball away, even just a few metres, doesn’t release the ball, or throws it back over the opponents head etc.etc., then caution for ‘delaying the restart of play’…….

Red Card

Technical areas cannot be shouting across a pitch at something 60 metres away, or querying an offside decision 35 metres down the touchline. Issue a warning (effectively their yellow card) and any repetition may mean removal, and reporting…….

The important thing is that now we have decided on a way forward, we all have to try and apply it.

No doubt, talk of consistency will raise its head again, but this will be nigh impossible to fully achieve as we are all individuals and different people. As long as each referee is honest and consistent, within himself, and over the 90 minutes, then that is all clubs are entitled to ask for and expect…….Ref Thumbs Up

The Jersey FA and the Jersey Football Combination have been informed, and asked to cascade the relevant information down. It might also be of benefit for referees to further remind players, at a studs and equipment check, or when talking to managers/coaches and skippers prior to a game, of what our aims and intentions are. They cannot say then that they have not been informed…….

If we can strive to eradicate these problems, then, just maybe, everything else will fall into place!!

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